Hello. My name is Liam, I live & work in London.

I am a trans-disciplinary designer; I like to use design thinking for a wide range of projects and outcomes. I like to think through an exploration of materials and processes and design stuff by making, using my hands, tools and a rigorous prototyping process.

I currently work as a freelance designer. Sometimes I teach on the design course at Goldsmiths too.

I work closely with Kin design and have worked on a number of the projects that they have on their website.

I founded JAILmake studio in 2010, a 3d design studio that aims to bring designing and making together. I left the company at the end of 2012 to pursue other work.

I studied design at Goldsmiths college until 2009 and you can see some of the work I made there, here.

My blog was last updated in 2010, so I’ve taken it down for now until I get it together and write something again.

You can contact me here: @letsget_awesome or liamatliam-hdotcom