Weeknotes 15: Two weeks of cleaning


I missed two weeks.We’ve moved now into a temporary place so I’ve basically been cleaning houses and ripping out carpets. And driving back and forth from London to Sheffield. Joy!Very little ‘real work’ been going on recently, but I have … more more more, more

Weeknotes 14: PDC, and a missed week in Sheffield


Last week was mainly spent looking for houses in Sheffield (unsuccessfully).This week was PDC, highlights include:Great workshop by Michael Chew and David Chatting on visualising environmental actions using photo stories. Some good lessons to take from this around speculating on … more more more, more

Weeknotes 13: Missing Mountains


Whoops, it’s been a while.After EASST it was a bit of a whirlwind to get packed up and move out of Denmark. We made it out almost a month ago now. We packed all of our stuff into the back … more more more, more

Weeknotes 12: EASST, lovely Madrid


Early part of the week I managed to do a bit of carpentry at Godsbanen to get ready for our van trip, always nice.Flew to Madrid Wednesday for EASST, highlights included:Two panels on unseen participation with some interesting discussion on … more more more, more

Weeknotes 11: Godsbanen, pre-recorded


I spent a couple of days this week at Godsbanen in the brilliant open access workshops here in Aarhus on some wood working projects. It’s like a really really good maker space, with proper machines and not just 3d printers. … more more more, more

Weeknotes 10: Exams, Data, Solstice!


Heavy couple of days of MA exams this week… all done now.Brilliant talk by Olga Goriunova on Wednesday on the Ideal and Data Analytics dealing with the production of data selves as subjects. A take away was that users become … more more more, more

Weeknotes 9: Marking marking marking


A long week of marking papers for the innovation course.That’s pretty much it.

Weeknotes 8: NatureCulture


Another short but full week. Bits of teaching, bits of putting together presentations and some reading.I’ve especially enjoyed reading NatureCulture issue 5 from 2019, a wonderful interview with Isabelle Stengers, and a beautifully composed SF story(?) of ‘Ant Network Theory‘ … more more more, more

Weeknotes 7: Driving and DASTS


Drove back from the UK on Tuesday after the night ferry to Holland. I think we have this trip nailed now, so much less drama than last time.DASTS was on Thursday and Friday, which was brilliant — there was a … more more more, more

Weeknotes 6: Skiving


Three days late with this one, because…I skived off Thursday and Friday last week to ride bikes in south/mid-Wales over the weekend. Amazing trip visiting Bike Park Wales, and Dyfi, with a fourth day pedalling around the Dyfi forest. We … more more more, more

Weeknotes 5: Bella, Brexit, Worming tablets


We made it to the UK after a pretty arduous journey. Long story involving Bella, Brexit and a worming tablet. The upside was getting to spend a day riding around sunny Amsterdam with Emma.Quick trip to Goldsmiths on Wednesday to … more more more, more

Weeknotes 4: 4 day week


Short week this week. We’re driving back to the UK tomorrow (12hrs to Holland then an overnight ferry, oooof).Last Friday I managed to catch Low and Divide and Dissolve playing at Voxhall. They were both seriously amazing. I’ve been trying … more more more, more

Weeknotes 3: Face Melting Stuff


This week has disappeared. We don’t get a bank holiday in Denmark so Monday was just another day. The office has felt like a disaster movie because everyone went to CHI.I ran a short drawing workshop with the IT product … more more more, more

Weeknotes 2: Back to it


A good weekend of dusty mountain bike racing last Sunday. I’ve been off the bike since I had COVID at the last race I did a month ago in Ulstrup, so I wasn’t expecting a lot (and nor did I … more more more, more

Weeknotes 1: First try


Inspired by Alice Bartlett and Matt Webb, this is the first time for me trying this… the aim being to add a little structure to reflections on (work?) life. And also to try to break the cycle of feeling nervous … more more more, more

Thinking with His House


When we started to watch His House (dir. Remi Weekes) on Netflix I immediately dismissed it as a film sensationalising a harrowing refugee narrative to translate PTSD into a shallow horror film… ‘shall we watch something else?’ … ‘But it … more more more, more

Reflections on care from the CISP Project Group visit to Mark Dion’s exhibition, ‘Theatre for the Natural World’


This post was written in collaboration with Sarah Pennington for the CISP Project Group blog – primarily a reading group based at Goldsmiths. Our reading and discussion has so far had a particular focus on care and on 3rd May … more more more, more

Protected: Notes from the ‘Jungle’ Bike: Visit 1


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Making in the ‘Jungle’ – Maker assembly & Goldsmiths design festival


Notes dump and slides from two recent presentations: Maker Assembly in Sheffield and Goldsmiths Design Festival in London. Written in collaboration with Jimmy Loizeau. We have been visiting the Jungle camp in Calais over the past few months. For those that … more more more, more

An incomplete list of tools to take to ‘The Jungle’ for building shelters


I went to The Jungle last week to help build shelters – I wanted to write something about the experience, but at the same I didn’t. This is the compromise I came up with. An incomplete list of tools and materials … more more more, more