Weeknotes 4: 4 day week

  • Short week this week. We’re driving back to the UK tomorrow (12hrs to Holland then an overnight ferry, oooof).
  • Last Friday I managed to catch Low and Divide and Dissolve playing at Voxhall. They were both seriously amazing. I’ve been trying to catch D&D live for a couple of years now after hearing Abomination and then picking up Gas Lit. I think the reason I like them so much is there is a real tenderness to the sound (this sounds wishy washy, and on reflection is perhaps a little normative), even though it’s properly loud, sludgy, and properly doom-y, its never too much… sort of gently floating out towards you — the last time I experienced something similar was seeing Sunn O))), they seemed to exercise the same level of care over their sound. It probably also helps that the sound systems here in Aarhus are really amazing.
  • Almost done writing proposals.
  • I’ve been working on some short video edits taking BMX videos and cutting out all of the parts that are to do with maintenance/care rather than action. I’m putting together a presentation for EASST on maintenance, and this will form part of that. More on that soon.
  • PDC paper is done, accepted, in.
  • Other than that the week’s been a little frustrating, not much to note I’m afraid.

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