Weeknotes 2: Back to it

  • A good weekend of dusty mountain bike racing last Sunday. I’ve been off the bike since I had COVID at the last race I did a month ago in Ulstrup, so I wasn’t expecting a lot (and nor did I get a lot) but I took it easy and mainly stayed upright. I think I came in 22nd, which was pretty disappointing considering I came 18th when I was actually racing with COVID (ofc I didn’t realise at the time). Time to start some proper training now that (hopefully) the illnesses will slow down.
  • I had a paper accepted for PDC, whoop! This is the first thing I have put together for the trails project, and I was pretty pleased with it — the reviewers were really positive and generous with their comments too, so that’s a nice confidence boost. I think there are some nice themes in the paper that were somewhat new to me (the commons and commoning) to pick up on in the next round of work too, so I’m looking forward to develop them with more time. I’m never sure how much to act on comments from reviewers… two said pretty much leave it as is, and one would like a re-structure, so that needs some thinking about. Will post it here once its published, I imagine.
  • I’m in a hole of applying for funding still, at the moment to the AHRC. I’m digging into the joys of calculating in kind contributions, Worktribe and Je-s, but this one has been far far less involved than the last one.
  • Lots of thoughts on teaching this week but they will have to be saved up for a different post.
  • Peace

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