Weeknotes 19: Starting

  • The week started with the first meeting with Ride Sheffield a trail association/advocates/trail designers and builders/representatives of riders in Sheffield/maintenance people (this sort of summarises the discussions of what it is that they are that we had during the meeting). There were some rich discussions around the purpose of the organisation, diversity and inclusivity, and a bit of workshopping on various topics to cover over the next year. I won’t write anymore about this here, because I didn’t attend as a ‘researcher’ — the research hasn’t exactly started yet and I don’t feel comfortable writing up field-notes without permission from those who attended.
  • Ankle is still pretty battered so I avoided any building or riding.
  • Put together a talk on design documentaries for MA Take Me To Your River brief next week. References including: Calais Broadcast Bike, Project Grizzly, Susan Meiselas, Tony Hill, Agnes Varda, Herzog, Taming the Garden, Richard Mosse, Cassandra Hartblay/Haraway, Robinson in Space, Jez Riley Finch, Dogme 95, Christine Sun Kim, Janet Cardiff, Charlotte Bates.

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