Weeknotes 17: New year


Going to try to get back to it this year. Not a NY resolution, but also maybe it is a little.

Before Christmas was a little ridiculous with commuting from Sheff down to London a lot, selling our house, and, and, and. But for the most part that is done now.

This month feels like a moment to breathe a little. I have a couple of weeks until I start my new job and new project, so I feel like I have a moment to catch up and reset. Main news is I will be moving to the Architecture School at the University of Sheffield in February. Other news is that I have been awarded a three year grant from the AHRC to start a new project called Co-designing Forests, working with Forestry England very broadly looking at access and trail building to woodlands. Obviously the project builds on the research I have recently been doing on bike trail building, so I’m pretty excited for that.

I’m also planning to use these weekly write-ups to keep notes on that project.

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