Weeknotes 13: Missing Mountains

  • Whoops, it’s been a while.
  • After EASST it was a bit of a whirlwind to get packed up and move out of Denmark. We made it out almost a month ago now. We packed all of our stuff into the back of the van and drove out through Germany, met some Berlin pals in the mountains in Harz, and then carried on South to meet some more pals in Wiesbaden. Then we headed around France for the next two weeks, one week in the Ardeche, and an amazing last week in the Alps. The van was brilliant, we’re both sad to be sleeping in a house again now.
  • Back to it now focussing on finding somewhere to live in Sheffield.
  • Saw Lighting Bolt (again) supported Sly and the Family Drone (again) on Thursday who played an amazing set with Big Lad. Good to see some proper rowdy loud stuff again which doesn’t seem to travel to Denmark.

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