Weeknotes 11: Godsbanen, pre-recorded

  • I spent a couple of days this week at Godsbanen in the brilliant open access workshops here in Aarhus on some wood working projects. It’s like a really really good maker space, with proper machines and not just 3d printers. Such a brilliant resource that I just can’t imagine functioning at home. The people who work there are brilliant, super helpful and welcoming. Definitely going to miss it.
  • Pre-recorded my PDC paper. Throw back to COVID, I remembered that pre-recorded talks take so much longer than just showing up and giving a talk. It’s taken AGES.
  • Last weekend we spent on the West coast of Denmark, around Klitmøller in the van, which was beautiful, lots of swimming, eating delicious food, and generally relaxing.
  • Chloe has accepted a new job at home which is very exciting. Big changes afoot.

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