Weeknotes 12: EASST, lovely Madrid

  • Early part of the week I managed to do a bit of carpentry at Godsbanen to get ready for our van trip, always nice.
  • Flew to Madrid Wednesday for EASST, highlights included:
  • Two panels on unseen participation with some interesting discussion on what participation actually is, especially when dealing with people and communities that are already doing stuff… Already participating… which I think opens up some interesting problems for design, and I think is where its important to bring more detail on different kinds of participation. Perhaps there is something to be taken from Arnstein’s ladder of participation here.
  • Interesting work and some good discussion in Making liveable worlds through reflexive methods: care and intervention in STS research.
  • Brilliant papers on multispecies work on Friday, loved Arthur Arruda Leal Ferreira’s paper What is a dog capable of, ending with an amazing manifesto for multispecies socialism. The entire panel was fascinating.
  • Ignacio Farias, Elisabeth Luggauer and Jorge Martin put together an amazing bus tour/sensory walk on waves, or rather heat in the city, looking at cooling infrastructures. Lots to mull over from this one, but the main take away was how engaging the format was.
  • Then I presented on Friday in a panel on maintenance – lots of rich discussion on soil and gendering of care and some lovely comments and questions.
  • A little heavy on the drinking on friday during the dinner and party so today was a slow one to get started.
  • Managed to catch Janet Cardiffs amazing Murder of Crows installation at Matadero Madrid

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