Weeknotes 1: First try


Inspired by Alice Bartlett and Matt Webb, this is the first time for me trying this… the aim being to add a little structure to reflections on (work?) life. And also to try to break the cycle of feeling nervous about hitting publish on anything.

  • Last week was Easter so we took a bit of a tour around Denmark, visiting various nice beaches and museums around Fyn, Møn and Copenhagen. Louisiana museum is amazing — Peter Cook’s drawings (can’t believe I hadn’t seen them in the flesh before), and a super nice, and extensive gallery of Diane Arbus’s photography were stand out.
  • It finally got warm enough to actually swim (and not just dunk and panic).
  • This week I am piecing together a mini project on a ‘portrait of a trail’ that I started before the break, mainly drawing and recording a series of trails around Ry just West of here (and using the materials from the woods to make those drawings). I’m planning to turn this into a publication, and perhaps use some of the techniques in some workshops for a bigger research project I’m dreaming up. Anyway, the idea is to look at the trail, and to think about the kinds of looking a trail might also allow for, perhaps slow meanders on foot to pay attention to the other forms of life there, or perhaps fast descents on a bike where looking is tied closely with the body. What does a trail for drawing look like?
  • Scan of brushes made in the forest below.
  • I had a paper on trail maintenance accepted at EASST, so I need to make some more head way with that…. TBC
  • I’ve also been putting together a new proposal for a grant to work with Forestry England on a project around access and trail building to start next year 🤞.

Anyway, I’m going to do my best to keep this up now, starting small, perhaps getting bigger/better.

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