Trans-disciplinary, not inter-disciplinary, not post-disciplinary


This is why I like ‘trans-disciplinary design’.

Design is an activity, object or a thing in a broad and messy mesh of other things.

Trans-disciplinary design means a belief in flowing through, around and between that complex mesh. It embraces the world as a fuzzy complex of interconnected things and dependancies – actors (human and non-human), political structures, architectures, ecology, social groups, artefacts etc etc etc.

It does not say, there are no disciplines or that we are somehow beyond an age of disciplines as in post-disciplinary.

It does not say that disciplines should be thought of as rigid, formed things that you must jump between as in inter-disciplinary.

It actively engages with the world, as it stands, already broken into roughly formed disciplines. It pulls from those disciplines, acknowledging how they were found. It questions the effectiveness of design within that world and asks how the designer can navigate it and somehow produce things as part of it.

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