Trans-disciplinary, not inter-disciplinary, not post-disciplinary


This is why I like ‘trans-disciplinary design’. Design is an activity, object or a thing in a broad and messy mesh of other things. Trans-disciplinary design means a belief in flowing through, around and between that complex mesh. It embraces the … more more more, more

Notes on We Can’t Be There at Tate Modern


Disclaimer: Unedited notes mostly taken from the event, if I have time I will edit this down into a more coherent post. We Can’t Be There. Emergency Provisions for Un(Anticipated) Futures We Can’t be there was a two hour workshop … more more more, more

Notes on Design the end of the World – Split


In March I was asked to run a workshop broadly around speculative design in Split, Croatia. It lasted 5 days, with half a day of presentations at the end. The workshop asked the students to design new end of the … more more more, more

Helium balloons


We’re eating fish and chips on the beach in Herne Bay. We see three heart shaped helium balloons float away from a group of people standing on the flood defence walls. The three balloons are heading down the coast, following the … more more more, more

Notes from Tomorrow Today @ ICA


ICA Tomorrow Today Should design fictions have a socially beneficial impact? @curiousoctopus Reality bites – design fictions as grimm tales Nice boat analogy – everyones jumping on design fiction and soon it’s gonna capsize. Design and violence, speculation is a … more more more, more