Architects Grey (RAL7016)

A collection of architects greys (RAL7016) collected from in and around the city of London catalogued in a two colour screen printed fold-out publication (see last image below — please contact me if you would like a copy).

The images are also catalogued on a tumblr as a material resource for future projects:

Architects grey has become the default finish for many architectural ‘final touches’ – exterior panelling, doors, windows, signs, planters and swathes of hoardings all around the city are painted with the same RAL colour code.

For me it has become a symbol that the developers have or are moving in. It’s quite a nice colour, it gets around decision making, doesn’t put people off – it’s neutral and inoffensive, saleable – magnolia.

The publication is designed to imagine an entire city/skyline, finished in the same RAL colour grey.