A/symmetries of the Jungle Film

A five part film documenting the deployment of a tandem research device in Calais. The audio track consists of both field recordings and a spoken narration made up of field notes. They are structured into five chapters each addressing a different theme of difference (or what I have called a/symmetry) identified in the Jungle camp. The first, Space, pairs different landscapes and describes an asymmetry of conditions between the camp and city of Calais, as well as providing an introduction to the deployment of the bike. Tandeming tells the previously discussed story of an encounter with the CRS police to consider distributions of agency on (and off) the tandem bike. The third, Racing, examines a/symmetries in the roles of researcher and researched by telling a story about a race in the camp. Access was edited in collaboration with Jimmy Loizeau to examine the medium of the film, the relationships formed in the camp, and the process of editing. This film also incorporates footage of the camp being dismantled and burned, that former residents were sending to us, as well as documentation of on-going journeys to temporary accommodation in France. By doing so, we aimed to problematise the a/symmetries of agency in the collaborative production process. Finally, I added a fifth chapter, Use, in 2017 documenting the empty camp several months after it had been dismantled in contrast to the previous four. This focussed on several discarded objects left over after the camp was cleared, and the eco-park that was being constructed in its place.

The films have been exhibited in London, New York, Oslo, and Athens.