Future Cities Catapult
Exhibition Design

Design of the Future Cities Catapult exhibition space in Clerkenwell, London.

The exhibition space is designed to reflect the values of the Future Cities Catapult, taking as its inspiration the complex webs that make up a city – always evolving, populated by people with different values and needs, and forever being built upon. The space itself is flexible, to be arranged and then re-arranged to meet the changing needs of the studio as it becomes established.

Designed with the wonderful team at Kin.

Fabrication by Jan Hendzel

Exhibition concept Furniture Exhibition concept Configurations Configurations Configurations Configurations 1:1 Modelling 1:1 Modelling Peg board Peg board Peg board Peg board Furniture in use Joinery detail Exhibition titles Peg board Scale modelling Icon prototyping Kit of parts Kit of parts